​   Once you download the file, place the Targets Folder in the X-Plane Aircraft Folder and load them as you would an aircraft in the 'Other Aircraft Selection' in the 'Aircraft & Situations' folder.  Designate them as a different team than your aircraft and X-Plane will let you target them.  


X-Plane treats them like aircraft, so they will start at high altitude and with some speed.  Use the 'Local Maps' page to reduce their speed and altitude to settle on the ground.  If they settle on water, X-Plane 9 will reset them to the air (except Frigate).  Use the 'Textured' tab of the 'Local Map' page to move them to the location of your choice.

   Once set-up, you will get target range and azimuth information to the targets as well as a target diamond designation in the HUD of the Dryden Sims F-14B Tomcat.  

 Note:  In X-Plane 9, you can change the target designation once the targets have settled on the ground.  In X-Plane 10, you cannot designate the targets once they reach the ground.  Be sure to designate them as targets before they reach the ground and your weapons will guide on them.  X-Plane 10 also re-sets the targets in the air once hit by a weapon.

    The Dryden Sims Target Package for X-Plane contains 5 targets that are modified X-Plane scenery files. They are built as X-Plane aircraft so they will give your aircraft range and azimuth information for targeting and X-Plane weapons will guide on them.  The F-14B Tomcat LGB and JDAM weapons are specifically designed to guide on these targets.  


   If employed properly, you can watch the weapons guide to impact on their designated target.